Sennheiser RS-5200 wireless TV headphones come for the hockey season

Sennheiser RS-5200 wireless TV headphones come for the hockey season

Tech Highlights:

  • Watching TV really early in the morning or late at night can be challenging as the sound may disturb others. If you turn your TV sound down too low it becomes difficult to hear the dialog.

  • It’s almost that time of year. Hockey season. Nothing annoys my family more than when I turn on a game and watch it in surround sound until almost 11 p.m. during the season. The Sennheiser RS-5200 Wireless TV Headphones might just save me from being cross-checked on the stairs this season.

In some cases, you can turn on subtitles or closed captions, but that isn’t the same as getting the full sound impact of what you are watching.

The Sennheiser RS-5200 consists of two pieces, the headphones, and the docking station.

With that in mind, the Sennheiser RS-5200 wireless headphones allow you to listen to the sound of your favorite programs and movies with full impact without disturbing the other members of your household.

The Headphones

The headphones feature a stethoscope design that reduces pressure on the temples and ears. It also provides added comfort for those that wear glasses. There is a master volume control on the headphones, and inside there is a built-in rechargeable battery.

Switchable ear tip adapters are also provided for better fit, which also enhances the listening experience. The included ear tip adapters are:

Large and Small Silicone Pads – These accommodate different size ear canals. Memory Foam – Provides ambient noise isolation. However, the memory effect of the foam wears off after a few months of steady use.

Open Foam – This option is designed for those with pressure-sensitive ears and is comfortable over long listening times. The Docking Station

The other part of the RS-5200 package is the included docking station. The Docking Station has four functions: 1. Charger for the RS-5200 Headphones

2. Connects to your TV’s digital optical or analog audio/headphone outputs. Depending on the brand/model TV, you may have to activate digital optical/3.5mm/RCA analog audio outputs. Also, make sure your TV audio is set to PCM audio output. 3. Transmits the signals received from the TV via the connection cables to the headphones using the 2.4 GHz band.

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