Sega makes it clear that Xbox-exclusive games will not be part of Sega’s and Microsoft’s cloud partnership

Sega makes it clear that Xbox-exclusive games will not be part of Sega's and Microsoft's cloud partnership

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  • “We already have a very close business relationship with Microsoft,” the company explained. “We outsourced the development of their large-scale titles and as a third party, we are supplying a variety of titles. When we announced the concept of Super Game, Microsoft was sympathetic to that vision and that leads to the announcement this time.

  • In Sega’s recent quarterly fiscal presentation, the Japanese publisher clarified that the alliance with Xbox will not see Sega developing any Xbox games for the platform, and that it is limited only to the use of the Azure tech for the development of the multi-platform “super game.”

“About this, we are not talking about releasing games to Microsoft exclusively, but rather to develop Super Game that will be delivered to the world together, with their technical support.”

As for what this super game is, that remains to be seen. Clearly, the game’s not close to being revealed yet, so it’s going to be a while before Sega reveals any official details on it. We’ll keep an eye out for new details though, so stay tuned.

Microsoft has been aggressive in its attempts to secure exclusive Xbox releases in recent years, either through acquisitions or through partnerships with third party developers, so questions about whether the same was the case with Sega as well have been asked several times over the last month. But there you go- Sega’s “super game”, whatever it is, is not going to be exclusive to Xbox.

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