Security Guard for NYC Apple Store Stabbed-Over-Masks Policy

Security Guard for NYC Apple Store Stabbed-Over-Masks Policy

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  • The suspect approached the Ninth Ave. entrance of the Apple store on W. 14th St. in the Meatpacking District around 6 p.m., said the witnesses.

  • A man who didn’t want to wear a mask while visiting a Manhattan Apple store stabbed a security guard on Friday night, witnesses and police sources said.

The unidentified man confronted the guard when he was asked to put on a face mask, said a police source and witnesses.

Blood spilled onto the wounded security guard’s shirt, Monticello said. “He was cut on his side. He was bent over clutching himself,” he said.

“I heard them yelling and pushing and shoving,” longtime area resident Roberto Monticello said of the feud between the guard and the unmasked man.

The suspect ran north on Ninth Ave., and Monticello watched as the guard’s colleagues dragged him to safety inside the store.

Two workers brought him to an area behind a spiral stairway near the store’s entrance where they administered first aid. A trail of blood around the stairs marked their path inside the store.

“He had a bandage on his stomach,” said Paul Shortino, 51, who works security at another building nearby. “The ambulance pulled up and took him out on a stretcher.”

A police source said the guard was wounded in the arm and head, but was not sure if the man was wounded in his midsection. The wounded guard’s condition was not immediately known.

The suspect in the case remained at large Friday night. Authorities say the store on West 14th Street in Manhattan closed early, around 6:30 p.m., after a customer allegedly stabbing the store’s security guard. Investigators say the attack followed the customer’s frustration with the store’s COVID-19 mask requirement.

By the time officers responded to the location, the attacker had already fled. Preliminary information from police officials suggests the suspect was wearing a black mask, a black shirt and blue jeans.

Officers say the 37-year-old security guard was being treated at a nearby hospital and is expected to survive.

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