Season 8 patch notes for Halo MCC

Season 8 patch notes for Halo MCC

Tech Highlights:

  • There are several new additions to Halo 3, including new power armor, new accessories and animated visors, as well as weapon and vehicle skins. Weapon and vehicle skins can even be seen in Halo 3’s campaign, and can be switched on or off in the campaign mission options.

  • Before the release of Halo Infinite in December, 343 Industries squeezed in a patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It not only addresses bugs, but also adds accessibility options, a new map, and an entirely new Season 8 Battle Pass dubbed MYTHIC for players to spend quality time with as they wait for the big new Halo release.

They’ve also added armor to Halo: Reach, as well as new nameplates that come in both the animated and static varieties.

What else is new in Halo MCC Season 8?

You’ll also now be able to select body type and voice separately in Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

A sort-of-new map has been added to Halo 3, called “Icebox”. The map is a reimagining of Turf” from Halo 2 and going to be a part of both online matchmaking modes and custom games.

Speaking of custom games, there’s also a new “Custom Game Browser” that will let Halo fans use filters and search options to more effectively Create, Browse, and Search for Custom Game pages.

You can also now link your Steam and Xbox accounts in Halo MCC, which will merge both friends lists in-game and make hanging out with your pals on the shooter easier than ever.

Golden Moa Statues in Halo 3 There are new campaign collectibles in Halo 3 in the form of Golden Moa Statues. These statues will move to new locations every week and will be a new live-service challenge. You just need to shoot and break them and they’ll count as collected — a bit like the collectibles in Resident Evil.

What accessibility improvements are in Halo MCC Season 8? Halo MCC Game Version 1.2580 introduces new color blindness options, which can even have their strength, brightness and contrast adjusted to better fit a visually impaired player’s needs.

Gamma options are also now separated for the Halo 1 & Halo 2 Anniversary editions and their original counterparts. What bug fixes have arrived alongside Halo MCC Season 8?

There are several bug fixes in Halo MCC Game Version 1.2580. Graphical issues have been resolved across all games, including Cortana’s face animations not displaying correctly in Halo: CE. There have also been several other ambient audio fixes and performance improvements. If you’d like to see a full list of bug fixes, we’d suggest you take a look at 343’s official blog post that goes in-depth on the update. We hope you continue to have fun on Halo MCC, and we’ll see you on the new Halo 3 Icebox map.

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