Season 4 of Alien Invaders: Knockout City launches next week on PS5, PS4 and Xbox One

Season 4 of Alien Invaders: Knockout City launches next week on PS5, PS4 and Xbox One

Tech Highlights:

  • The game is going sci-fi with its upcoming update, as you can see from the teaser above, and the season change brings a slew of new things to see and do. As is customary, a new map is the centre point, and this one looks fantastic. Alien Smash Site is set on a farm and features UFOs circling the arena. You can not only utilise one of these to hover above the map’s enormous pits, but you can also “abduct” a ball from a player below and fling it back down.

  • Knockout City’s third season feels like it just started, yet it’s been running for nearly two months. How quickly time goes! The fourth season of the dodge-brawler is almost here, and the theme this time is Alien Invaders.

Throughout the season, special events will be introduced, and these will bring all new modes into the fold. There have been some great variations on the standard game, so we’re excited to see what else Velan Studios can come up with. Of course, a new season also means new cosmetics, and this one will bring all the sci-fi, alien goodies you could hope for. There will be a refreshed Brawl Pass to work through, plus plenty of new bits and pieces in the game’s shop.

Aliens have landed in Knockout City in Season 4! The alien landing site, as it turns out, makes for a pretty good map. Players can jump into the new Alien Smash Site, set along a farm on the outskirts of town. Players can do battle around discarded flying saucers, as well as across underground pits. This will be just the beginning for this Alien Invaders theme, with EA and Velan Studios promising content throughout Season 4. This includes four two-week events, which will feature brand new game modes and some season-exclusive rewards. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Season 4 starts on 7th December, and remember — the game is currently on PS Plus, but not for much longer. Will you be invading Knockout City.

Of course, with Knockout City being the ongoing multiplayer fest that it is, players can expect a new Brawl Pass for Season 4. As has been the case with previous Brawl Passes, this will feature 100 levels with new rewards. Those rewards will be revealed in the weeks ahead, but look for five weekly contracts, new Holobux items, and more. Look for the in-game store to be refreshed with new items, as well.

Knockout City: Season 4 will launch on Tuesday, December 7. If you want to learn more about Knockout City, be sure to catch up with our review. For more details on Alien Invaders, PlayStation.Blog is the place to go this time around.

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