Scammers target San Antonians, USAA says

Scammers target San Antonians, USAA says

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  • “If you receive a call like this, disconnect immediately,” the USAA spokesperson said. Scott Leibowitz, 59, said he received three scam calls this week and reported them to USAA. The callers told him that he had purchased Bitcoin through Coinbase. During one of the calls, the scammer hung up when Leibowitz asked whether the call was a scam. On San Antonio couple under contract on home get court order blocking builder from selling it

  • It appears that the scammers have targeted mostly locals, the San Antonio-based company told the Express-News. San Antonians have also taken to the Nextdoor app to raise awareness about the phone scammers. USAA says the scammers call people and tell them that someone attempted to link their bank account to Coinbase, a cryptocurrency company, to make a purchase. They then ask for bank information. On Texas woman could face jail over alleged assault on flight attendant

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