Samsung won’t start rolling out Android 12 until December at the earliest

Samsung won't start rolling out Android 12 until December at the earliest

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  • According to a report from TizenHelp, the rollout of Android 12 for the first Samsung devices could begin by December at the latest, which means we’re less than 2 months away from the moment the first models released by the South Korean company would get the new operating system. No further specifics have been provided as to what devices are expected to get the update first, but most likely, Samsung will start with its high-end models in the Galaxy S lineup, with the entire lineup to then follow in the next few months. The full launch of Android 12 for the rest of the Samsung devices is likely to happen in 2022 when the rollout would gain more pace and would expand to other models currently on the market.

  • Although the Android 12 upgrade has been technically announced, the new operating system is not yet accessible for Pixel handsets. But that doesn’t mean the globe isn’t getting ready for Android 12, and phone manufacturers are working hard to ensure that their devices will run the new OS smoothly. Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most well-known companies paving the way for the release of Android 12, and it turns out that the South Koreans intend to deliver the upgrade to their smartphones in a timely manner.

Needless to say, Samsung itself has remained completely tight-lipped on everything so far, but the timing seems just about right, especially because the Android 11 rollout started for devices launched by the company in early December 2020. So at first glance, Samsung just sticks with its traditional calendar for shipping new Android versions to devices, though it remains to be seen how flawless the experience is going to be for devices across the world.

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