Samsung is planning to add a new hue to its smartphone lineup. Rumor has it it will be purple

Samsung is planning to add a new hue to its smartphone lineup.  Rumor has it it will be purple

Tech Highlights:

  • Roland Quandt, a prominent Samsung tipster with a nearly-impeccable track record, shared information via Twitter about the purportedly upcoming color option. He has also published (in German) a dedicated article on the matter with renders included. Quandt is certain that the new color will come to the whole S22 lineup. However, It should be noted that Samsung has not specified yet which smartphones will be receiving the new color.

  • Samsung has begun counting down until the launch of its #YouMake initiative. The most intriguing aspect of the event may be the introduction of new, limited edition colours for current Samsung smartphones. This is consistent with recent rumours that suggest Samsung would introduce a new purple tint for its Galaxy S22 series. The majority of leakers assert that the new shade is known as “Bora Purple.”

It is also not entirely clear whether the new color option will be available for a limited amount of time, or whether it will be a standard mid-release-cycle color refresh. Conflicting information is being put forward. Nevertheless, mid-release-cycle color options have become a rather successful trend in the smartphone world. Apple’s Alpine Green shade for the iPhone 13 Pro lineup made waves when it was initially released.

It is also interesting to acknowledge the fact that the color purple (pun intended) might not be an entirely random choice. Most leakers have pointed towards a possible purple color option for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Purple flagships incoming. The #YouMake project is currently taking place exclusively in South Korea, but it is very much possible for the new color option (regardless if it ends up being Bora Purple) to make its way to the rest of the world as well. After all, who doesn’t like more color?

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