Samsung is expected to offer OLED panels for iPads and MacBooks

Samsung is expected to offer OLED panels for iPads and MacBooks

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  • Even among Samsung cellphones of the same model, it appears that not all are created equal. For years, the Korean tech giant offered two versions of its smartphones: one with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs and the other with Samsung’s Exynos chipsets. The release of Diablo Immortal has once again demonstrated that, despite identical benchmarks, Exynos processors fall short of their Snapdragon counterparts in terms of processing power. Since Blizzard’s latest addition to the Diablo franchise, a number of stories have appeared.

  • Samsung’s next manufacturing line would be housed at a different facility and would be capable of producing OLED screens large enough for laptops, clearing the way for a MacBook Pro with an OLED display, which is expected to debut in 2025 or later. Over the last year, Apple has been switching its iPad and MacBook models to mini-LED panels, with OLED being the next stage, according to the source. OLED panels, unlike mini-LED displays, employ self-emitting pixels and do not require illumination, which might increase contrast ratio and help future iPad and MacBook models last longer. Apple’s newest iPhones and all Apple Watch models already have OLED panels.

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