Samsung is developing a new 200 megapixel camera sensor called ISOCELL HP3

Samsung is developing a new 200 megapixel camera sensor called ISOCELL HP3

Tech Highlights:

  • Unfortunately, there are no technical details on the ISOCELL HP3 as of yet, save for its whopping 200MP resolution, but if the successive iterations of Samsung’s previous 108MP high-res sensor are any indication, the generational upgrade HP1 to HP3 will be marginal in terms of hardware and the rest will be computational algorithm improvements.

  • Despite the fact that Samsung has yet to put the 200MP camera sensor announced last year as the ISOCELL HP1 in a phone, GalaxyClub reports that the company is working on a successor, the ISOCELL HP3. Samsung has been rumoured to equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200MP main camera, so perhaps the new sensor will outperform flagships from Motorola or Xiaomi, which appear to have gotten first dibs on cameos of Samsung’s most resolute camera sensors before they were used in Samsung’s own phones.

A 200MP sensor sounds overkill, yet chipsets like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 support this as the maximum single camera resolution and Samsung is nothing but maximalist when it comes to phones in its Ultra line. Take a look at the video above where Samsung’s mobile camera chief explains the features and advantages of its first 200MP HP1 ISOCELL sensor to gauge what the HP3 may improve on going forward.

The magic of Nonacell pixel-binning will result in breathtaking pixel size on such a high-res camera, and Samsung proved that it can circumvent most of the pitfalls that giant camera sensors with tiny pixels represent with its 108MP units, so we can’t wait to see when there will be a 200MP camera phone indeed and what new level of detail it will bring to the mobile photography table. I mean……….it’ll be cool to have on a phone, but until these social media sites start allowing higher res videos, I I’d say start working on better battery life. The battery on my S22 Ultra is actually really good, but work on making it good overall for everyone.

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