Samsung Gear S4; What To Expect From Upcoming Samsung Watch

Samsung Gear S4; What To Expect From Upcoming Samsung Watch

This Thursday is counted as Samsung ‘s Unpacked event, but the company is hitting a big hint at the end of this month. It may also literally be the smallest exposure of Samsung. After Galaxy Note 9, it may be the era of Samsung’s new smartwatch of attention. Please call me Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch. This is some of the things I would like to see on this year’s most advanced smartwatch.

More Apps

This may seem silly, but the choice of Gear S ‘s SmartWatch app is as bad as before. There are apps there, but few are interested. Is it a favorite third-party app like social networks? Please forget about it. Is Samsung’s first-party app? At least you have a reminder and a voice recorder. But is there anything integrated with Samsung’s notebook? No. This is the price that both Samsung and the user will pay to Tizen OS, but if Samsung does not change direction, it may use it to derive its famous and useful names.

Bixby Voice Assistant

Gear S4, something that is already assumed for another galaxy watch but no other way of thinking. Hopefully, it is. Samsung has had terrible luck with Voice-controlled assistant since S Voice. Indeed, Bixby Voice is not the best choice for peer-to-peer, but I believe that Samsung is unlikely to switch to Google Assistant at the moment, can you make the most of it?


Because only small size and limited hardware are given, SmartWatch can do so much. In addition to being a health device, the smartwatch is a much smaller window for our larger device. However, Samsung’s smartwatch was a terrible situation in allowing users to control their smartphones from their wrists. Do you need to mute quickly without removing it from your bag or pocket? Hopefully, this generation can do. Gear S3 recently added Samsung’s proprietary SmartThings IoT platform support. Of course, it is limited to smart home products that support that platform.

More Features

It seems inevitable that a smartwatch boat tilts significantly on the health function side. Especially Apple seems to put its weight. Probably Samsung did the same thing. Evidence that Samsung is paying the idea of placing blood pressure on the future smartwatch is what Apple does. This year it will be advantageous if it stands out. Thanks to Samsung’s wearables, who knows when to read about how life was saved?

Battery Life

But the biggest enemy of SmartWatch is battery life. Physics is difficult to overcome and smartwatches that last for more than a day often look and feel like small smartphones on your wrist. Samsung had to compromise when increasing the capacity of the battery or reducing the size of the body. Improvements in manufacturing technology no longer need to do this. However, it does not mean that it separates features like LTE connectivity.

Final Words

The smartwatch market had never been as big as the supporters wanted, but Apple Watches still dominates it. Considering how the square design does not appeal to the majority of wearers who prefer classical circles, this is probably strange. But Apple Watch lacks aesthetics, which supplement useful features and many applications.

Except for some genius movements like rotary control, Samsung’s smartwatch feels more similar to what the company has to have because Apple only has it. As Google’s Wear OS is still in limbo bow, it will be time for Samsung to take its smartwatch more seriously and lead the way.

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