Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Black Friday Deals

Tech Highlights:

  • $500 Walmart gift card: If you’re a Verizon or AT&T subscriber, Walmart won’t discount the Z Flip 3 itself, but you get a $500 Walmart Gift Card with the purchase to help you pay for the rest of your holiday shopping or a few months of groceries. Save $100, free Galaxy Buds 2: Samsung had the Z Flip 3 for $150 off earlier this month, but the free Galaxy Buds 2 sweetens the pot quite well. Best of all, this deal applies to the Bespoke Studio custom colors, so yours can be one-of-a-kind.

  • While the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have garnered all the limelight at launch, let’s face it: it’s large and way too pricey when compared to just buying a phone and a tablet, especially with Black Friday offers on big and small gadgets. Besides, the Z Fold 3 isn’t the foldable you want; the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is what you truly need. The Z Flip 3 folds into a sleek tiny square that will fit into even the tiniest of dress and dress pant pockets. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the ideal phone to buy if you want compact convenience, the excitement of holding the bleeding edge of foldable technology in your hand, amazing performance, and some of the most entertaining cases we’ve ever seen.

Save $150: Best Buy and Amazon have identical deals for the Z Flip 3; giving you $150 off either the Unlocked or carrier versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. If you don’t have a good phone to trade in or have promotional/gift credit to either platform, this is still a solid discount on the best foldable for most people.

Save up to $1000: T-Mobile has several deals available for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, depending on what plan you’re on. Magenta Max users can get the Z Flip 3 for free with trade-in or if you add a new Magenta Max line. If you add a new line that’s not MAgenta Max, you can get the Z Flip 3 half-off, or you can get $400 off with trade on any T-Mobile plan.
From Free at T-Mobile.

Save $1000 w/trade-in: If you’re on AT&T or Verizon, this is probably the only deal you need to look at; you can’t beat free. Both carriers are offering $1000 trade-in value to get you into a foldable for free, but AT&T’s more generous, giving the full $1000 even with phones as old as Galaxy S8 or Pixel 3/3a.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 sports water resistance — a first for any foldable phone — and higher durability for the chassis, the hinge mechanisms, and even the screen. Yes, crease cracks might still happen to small percentage of users, but if you take care of your Z Flip 3, it can be a great phone for years to come.

With Samsung’s commitment to three years of system updates and 4 years of security updates, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will undoubtedly see all the foldable improvements coming next year with Android 12L, but you don’t have to wait to get a great experience. Samsung worked hard to offer up the best software experience on a foldable to date, and if you’ve ever used a Samsung before you already know how smooth and consistent Samsung’s One UI software looks and feels.

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