Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Android Smartwatch King?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Android Smartwatch King?

Tech Highlights:

  • This is why I was a bit wary of trying out the new Samsung Galaxy. Watch 4, the company’s recent smartwatch which boasts of all the frills. Here’s why I think the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may inspire loyalists to make the switch. The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a classic round dial and looks like a fitness tracker more than a watch and that’s not a complaint. I know people who have a problem with smartwatches being too “bulky”, too “skinny” or too “small” to see their workout performance. The Watch 4 is none of that. You get a physical bezel that is surprisingly sturdy, two side buttons, and an overall durable yet chic-looking smartwatch.

  • Have you purchased a smartwatch to help you get the most out of your workout? Do you workout because your smartwatch is pressuring you to? The smartwatch market has exploded with possibilities for every buyer as a result of this chicken-and-egg problem. Every wrist, every fitness fanatic, every multi-tasker, and, maybe most importantly, every pocket has a smartwatch. Wikipedia co-founder sells the NFT of the site’s first ever edit for $750,000. To say that the Apple Watch has dominated the market as a favourite is an understatement. I’ve been resistant to change as someone who has relied on my Apple Watch for years to track my fitness, heart health, and daily movement goals.

I will say that I am not a fan of the sporty yet slightly uncomfortable strap when it comes to aesthetics but I do think it’s the perfect rudimentary strap for sweaty workouts I’ve always been a fan of uncluttered spaces and a clean screen is what I love on my phone, tablet and now even on my smartwatch. The 40mm real estate is quite enough especially with its crystal-clear display. You can set up a watch face with all your notifications stacked up but that may guzzle down the battery faster. Samsung has labelled the operating system on the Galaxy Watch 4 “a real team player” and that’s because it is the first smartwatch with Wear OS powered by Samsung. This means that the power of Google and Samsung comes together to make the user interface cleaner, neater, more intuitive. And it performs well.

We come back to my original question, are you buying a watch to make you fit or because you’re already a fitness enthusiast? Because no piece of technology can make you fit alone. Having said that, the Galaxy Watch 4 has a lot to offer. You can pick from swimming, biking, running, golf, hiking to a lot more. A feature worth mentioning is the new Samsung BioActive Sensor which captures your body composition in real-time to help you manage your health goals. Like all health metrics, take this with a pinch of salt. Treat this as a roadmap for your fitness goals. There are of course all those metrics and sensors for sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, and even SPO2 tracking which has now become a new favorite during the pandemic.

Pair the smartwatch with the Galaxy Wearable app and apps play seamlessly from music, health to fitness. Samsung has been clever here. The Tizen OS hangover persists and Samsung Wearable loyalists will jump at it. And now with Wear OS, a new market of smartwatch users will lean towards the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You can customise the UI how you see fit and pick from several watch faces from analogue to digital. And if you’re someone who looks at your wrist more than at your phone, you don’t have to worry about missing out on an important notification.

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