Rumors about Kojima’s Silent Hill are false, according to insiders

Rumors about Kojima's Silent Hill are false, according to insiders

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  • On Saturday, video game data analyst and leaker Millie Amand responded to a follower on Twitter regarding the Silent Hill news. She was asked if it’s true that a new Silent Hill game “is being developed by Kojima and Sony.” Amand responded curtly, with a simple, “No.” Amand has notably shared a variety of PlayStation-adjacent news in recent months. For example, she’s talked about Bluepoint’s ongoing projects, confirming Metal Gear is not one of them.

  • A slew of Konami-related rumours surfaced this week. These hints pointed to a new Castlevania game, a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and, most notably, a Sony-funded Silent Hill game being created by Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions. Silent Hill fans were eager to trust the latest report because of Kojima’s acclaimed Silent Hills demo P.T. However, now that things have calmed down, sources are claiming that the Kojima Productions Silent Hill report is false.

Where Amand’s response leaves some ambiguity alive given the odd specificity of the question and her short response, another insider has since shared what they’ve heard in more detail. Shpeshal_Nick of the XboxEra Podcast says that his source have told him that Hideo Kojima is not working on Silent Hill with Konami. He’d later repeat the idea, saying, “I don’t think that’s happening,” regarding Kojima and Silent Hill.

To be fair to Gematsu’s original reporting, there’s really no public evidence regarding the truth of this subject. It’s simply Gematsu’s sources saying Kojima is working on a new Silent Hill game in opposition to these two insiders’ sources saying it isn’t true. As such, it’s possible that either or all parties’ sources are incorrect.

Shpeshal_Nick would go on to say that Kojima Productions is currently focused on its partnership with Xbox to develop a game. That game, he says, is going to be based on an existing IP rather than something new. He doesn’t have any further details on it, nor does he address the possibility of Kojima Productions working on more than one project at a time. Regardless, that game isn’t going to be Silent Hill, either.

This all begs the question of whether there or isn’t there a Silent Hill game currently in development. It’s an odd situation considering that there are multiple different sources seemingly confirming that Konami is reaching out to developers to try and get new games made in its most popular franchises. A Metal Gear Solid 3 remake from Singapore studio Virtuos has been reported on by multiple sources. Similarly, a new Castlevania title is in the works. Silent Hill remains a surprising mystery, as befits the horror franchise.

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