Roku removes YouTube TV from channel shop as disagreement with Google escalates

Roku removes YouTube TV from the channel shop as disagreements with Google escalate

Roku pulled YouTube TV from its channel store. The distribution agreement between Roku and Google for YouTube TV has expired to this day – and neither side has been able to reach a new deal. However, Roku says it is “taking the extra step of continuing to provide existing subscribers with access to YouTube TV on the Roku platform unless Google takes action that requires the channel to be completely removed.” New subscriptions through the YouTube TV app have also been disabled “until an agreement is reached”.

“The digital device maker that has confirmed that it has removed YouTube TV from its channel store because it is concerned that the Google back streamer is showing anti-competitive behavior. Existing YouTube TV subscribers can still access the app on Roku. The power failure only affects new customers. “

“As the nation reopens after COVID, Twitter has no more captive audience and so leaves air out of the stock. Lots of air. Take a look at the stocks, the microblogging giant is about to record its worst percentage loss in six months, falling 13.8 percent this hour. Poor user growth numbers that missed estimates, plus a disappointing second quarter forecast that user growth could slow if people show up after a pandemic and the stock really hits here. Plus analysts pointed out that Twitter was not involved in the recent boom in the digital advertising market. “

Google published a blog post today saying, “Our initial talks with Roku only began to renew the current terms of the ongoing contract with YouTube TV, which has been in place for several years. Our offer to Roku was and remains simple: Renew the YouTube TV contract on the existing reasonable terms. “Google claims Roku took the opportunity to also” renegotiate a separate deal for the main YouTube app that won’t expire until December. “

The takeaway is that we are seeing a more digital online version of the transportation disputes that are so common between cable providers and content providers. Both companies choose their words extremely carefully.

Roku has insisted that it stop asking Google for more money, and in its email to customers sent out this morning at 8 a.m.PET, it said, “We cannot accept the unfair and anti-competitive requests made by Google that are allow the manipulation of your search results and the use of Google would affect your data and ultimately cost you more. “Google believes that” Roku cannot be specially treated at the user’s expense “and confirms that it has not received a request to change the search or to give special access to user data. “This claim is unfounded and false,” Google said in its post.

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