Riders Republic: Ubisoft PC Game Day

Riders Republic: Ubisoft PC Game Day

Points Highlighted:

  • On Riders Republic PC Play Day, users can access five career progressions. These involve solo mode or PvP action. All the multiplayer modes will also be open.

  • Riders Republic will open to people on Ubisoft Connect exclusively. This will begin on the 12th and 13th of October at 7 am CEST time. You can preload Riders Republic the day before on the 11th. To allow players to get right into the action, the onboarding tutorial has been disabled on the PC Play Day. This will only increase the chaos in what looks to be a unique take on the battle royale genre.

Versus Mode is the standard battle event. You can play with five friends in a career event. After this, you can race to see who the undisputed champion is.

Free for All allows you to challenge 11 opponents. This takes place through a selected list of events. However, the one everyone is hoping to see is the Mass Race.

Tricks Battle is one for the stunt riders. In this, you take part in 6v6 matchups. Your aim is to land as many stunts as possible to see who gets the highest score.

This is the battle royale, a fifty-person race. Races will appear every thirty minutes on the map. You then must watch your back as you race and battle your way to pole position. If you can even stay on the course at all. PC Play day will have three mass races available.



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