Review | Princess Connect! Re: Dive (iOs)

Review |  Princess Connect!  Re: Dive (iOs)

The adventure begins with Princess Connect

Long before the Games reached a global audience, Princess Connect! Re: Dive has already grown into a popular franchise company. Fans outside of Japan were already won over by the manga and anime adaptation. Now they have the opportunity to experience the successful mobile game that made this possible. In a partnership with Crunchyroll Games, Cygames brought its successful mobile JRPG to a much larger audience.

The long wait for Princess Connect! Re: Dive was worth it as I already have 20 hours of play time. There ever has been something you would love about a slightly heated fantasy JRPG. Don’t be surprised that Crunchyroll Games is the publisher. They have always supported high quality mobile games and this is no exception.

The Epicurean Frontier

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