Resident Evil 4 remake is a success

News Summary:

  • Praise for this new iteration of the franchise’s most critically acclaimed entry was almost universal, with the title scoring 93/100 on PC and PS5 and 91/100 on Xbox, easily entering the contenders for Game of the Year.

  • Just as Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake scored the highest overall score of any game released on Metacritic in 2019, it looks like the upcoming Resident Evil 4 could do the same this year.

It’s also the best number for a franchise in recent years. His RE2 remake in 2019 is slightly lower at 93/91/89, his RE3 remake in 2020 is considerably lower at 84/79/77, and the all-new game Resident Evil Village in 2021 is at 84/83/ was 83.

Resident Evil 4 Remake also received a perfect 10/10 from nearly 30 outlets including The Guardian, The Washington Post, Digital Spy, VG247, IGN, TheGamer, Push Square, Game Spot, GamesHub, VGC and more.

This follows some very strong recent remakes such as Dead Space (89/89/87), The Last of Us Part I (88), Metroid Prime and The Witcher 3 remasters. is. ”. They are located at 94/100 respectively. The latter two are simpler remasters, but this one is a full-blown remake on a new engine and lags far behind the aforementioned Dead Space remake Hi-Fi Rush as the top-scoring ‘new’ game of 2023. is taking (89) and “Hogwarts Legacy” (88).

With the game’s release imminent, the obvious question is where will Capcom go next? Will Resident Evil 6 follow?Will they return to the beginning with a second remake of the first game? Will they try to bring the Dreamcast’s Resident Evil Code Veronica into the modern era?

Much will depend on the sales of the remake of the fourth game, which hits stores next Friday.