Reliance Digital and HP have introduced a new “Smart SIM”. Laptop” Promotion with 100 GB of free data

Reliance Digital and HP have introduced a new "Smart SIM". Laptop” Promotion with 100 GB of free data

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  • The offer is available on certain laptops from HP and requires customers to activate a free Jio SIM. The models that are a part of the offer include HP 14ef100etu and HP 14ef1002tu and are priced from Rs. 44,999. To avail the offer, users must visit their nearest Reliance Digital store and ask the store executive to demo either of the two laptops mentioned above. Thereafter, the executive should ask for certain documents to activate the new JIO SIM card.

  • Customers must activate a free Jio SIM in order to take advantage of the offer, which is only valid on specific HP computers. Find out more information about the deal and how to use it here. Written by Well-known To launch a new promotion, Indian retailer Reliance Digital worked with HP, a producer of laptops. The “HP Smart SIM Laptop” promotion is only valid with the purchase of specific HP models that support LTE. Customers who take advantage of the deal will receive 100GB of data for 365 days at no additional cost.

Customers can insert this SIM card into their new HP laptop and use 100GB of high speed data. However, if the user finishes the 100GB data allowance, the browsing speed will be reduced to 64kbps. If users want, they can keep using the SIM card at low internet speeds. However, they can also recharge the SIM card with a 4G high-speed data plan. The offer is available on both online and offline purchases.

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