Release information for Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile featuring a new legend, Rhapsody

Release information for Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile featuring a new legend, Rhapsody

Tech Highlights:

  • Apex Legends Mobile: Distortion launches July 12, about three months after the game’s inaugural season kicked off. Respawn Entertainment developed Apex Legends Mobile as a game entirely separate from its console and PC counterpart, meaning progression and characters are exclusive to Android and iOS platforms. Fade was the first exclusive Mobile legend introduced with the first season; he’s a variation of Wraith, one of the game’s most popular legends, with skills that are more suited to gaming on smaller screens. Respawn says more info will be coming soon on Rhapsody, her skills, and other updates, improvements, and new content arriving with season 2.

  • A new season begins. 12 July on iOS and Android The second season of Apex Legends Mobile, which debuted in mid-May, is almost coming. This season will include a brand-new character that will be available only on the iOS and Android versions of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. Rhapsody, a “rhythm loving DJ,” is the new character. Rowdy, who resembles a Bluetooth speaker and can deliver a hard finishing kick, is his sidekick. In the season 2 premiere teaser for Distortion, it is revealed that Rhapsody is from a society where a technology corporation is supreme. Rhapsody finds success in the city’s nightlife scene, but she is sent to the Apex Games to pay off the family debt after her engineer mother is found with trade secrets.

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I’m really falling out of love with Apex Legends (main game) this season though. It’s just a bit of a mess isn’t it? I know we hear this story every now and then Apex has never really been perfect and has it’s bugs but… yea. I only play public games and trios is just… ugh. I think I just to need another break. I’ve almost maxed the BP (107) so I’ve think I’ll be seeing myself out soon. Between this and Halo Infinite’s nonsense I think it’s time to re-evaluate my gaming diet.

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