Rating: walnut wood iPhone 12 case of Oakywood

Rating: walnut wood iPhone 12 case of Oakywood

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Today we look at the wood iPhone 12 case of Oakywood. Known as the Oakywood Wooden iPhone 12 Bumper Case combines a real, hand-polished layer of wood over a solid polycarbonate frame to add a touch of natural protection and style to all of Apple’s latest handset models. As wood iPhone Going 12 cases, it also falls into the cheaper category compared to brands like Pad & Quill and others. Take a closer look at the Oakywood Wooden iPhone 12 bumper housings in the latest test with 9to5Toys test.

Oak wood iPhone 12 bumper housings

Oakywood makes a variety of wood and cork items, from phone cases and charging docks to wooden cards, planters and much more. Today we’re taking a look at the latest generation of wooden bumper covers for iPhone 12 to see how it holds up against the competition and how well it handles everyday use.

Tested with 9to5Toys

Available in cherry and walnut finishes (we are looking specifically at the walnut model today, although the technical data are otherwise essentially the same). Oakywood says you are looking at real, hand-polished wood with a flawless smoothness, and everything is checked on that end. While the grain in the wood is clearly visible and gives that natural appeal to the eye, it is almost polished to the point that you can’t even tell it is a piece of wood that has been laid on the back of your wood iPhone 12. This may be very positive to some people, and I appreciate the care and attention here, but I would have preferred something with a more organic feel in my hand. Though I suspect most people will prefer the ultra-smooth treatment overall.

The wooden element is placed on a so-called polycarbonate base and a TPU shell, which “offer excellent impact protection”. While for my part I prefer the near edge treatment that is based on the Classic wooden bags of the brandThe additional black polycarbonate pieces that surround the edges, sides, and camera array of the bumper housing add extra protection that some users really appreciate. Aesthetically, too, the phone looks a bit more minimal overall, as the black sides allow it to sink directly into the tabletop, giving the whole thing almost a double appearance – it looks like a completely black, thin protective case when it is placed face up will, but the wood really shines when it’s in your hand and face down.

This outer shell offers the expected lip that lifts the display slightly off the tabletop and features a small riser on the back to protect the camera array. While the back of the phone pops out a bit more than your average minimalist option because of the extra piece of wood, the protective lips provided here are about as functional as they are minimal and, for me personally, land right at the sweet spot.

One thing to point out here is the lack of official MagSafe support. This wood iPhone While Oakywood’s 12 case supports Qi wireless charging technology, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest MagSafe edition for another $ 10 to use the latest Apple magnetic accessories and the like.

Oakywoods wood at the end iPhone 12 Bumper Case is certainly worth considering for anyone looking to add a touch of natural cherry and walnut to their EDC, and the price is right pretty competitive at $ 35. Not to mention the current 20% off Valentine’s Day deals the brand is currently on (use code VALENTINES20).

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