Ranking of the best Far Cry games

Ranking of the best Far Cry games

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  • Each of the games follows a similar formula. You play as a character who is stranded in an exotic location and finds themselves in the middle of a war or uprising. Along your journey from everyman (or woman), you become a lethal killing machine who unlocks the secrets of your location—often through some weird psychedelics or spiritual trips—and takes down the head honchos.

  • To celebrate the release of the latest edition of one of the most enjoyable and rewarding gaming franchises ever, we’ve graded each of the main games.Far Cry is regarded as a classic in the first-person shooter genre. The brand began with a strange but groundbreaking island survival game in which you battled incredibly overpowered mutants, and has since grown to include some of the most memorable and exciting video games we’ve ever played.

Speaking of head honchos, Far Cry has some of the most memorable villains ever. From the iconic mercenary pirate Vaas in Far Cry 3 to Giancarlo Esposito’s uncompromising dictator in Far Cry 6, Ubisoft has introduced the world to the sort of despotic, hedonistic bad guys that make video games so fun.

6. Far Cry 2

Far Cry is open-world first-person mayhem, but some games are greater than others. While there have been many spin-offs of the game format, today we’re looking at the main games in the franchise to determine which Far Cry game claims the top spot.

Stripping back the mutants from the first Far Cry and grounding the story in a much more realistic world, Far Cry 2 takes the blueprint from the original and injects a lot of what we love about the franchise. Set in an unnamed African country, you find yourself caught in the middle of two warring factions, tasked with taking on a warlord named Jackal.

Importantly though, Far Cry 2 adds the idea of your choices having consequences into the game, making the decision of who lives and who dies significant. Unlike Far Cry and a number of the following editions, Far Cry 2 is very gritty. There aren’t any psychedelic trips or sci-fit elements, and it mainly focuses on warfare which can get a bit tedious. An important step for the franchise, but by no means one of the best.

5. Far Cry 6

The newest entrant in the Far Cry series, 6 sees you dropped into Yara (read Cuba) during an uprising against a dictator named Anton Castilo, played by Giancarlo Esposito in by far the biggest casting of the series. Castilo is one of the best villains in the series so far, but he doesn’t get enough airtime to move this game up in the rankings. On a gameplay side of things, while Far Cry 6 definitely delivers the same old fun you are used to, that’s actually the problem: it’s the same old. The story is predictable (although less playful and engaging than previous editions), but the endless list of things to check off without any new motivations doesn’t make this game stand out. In fact, the decision to replace the skills tree from Far Cry 3, and used in subsequent iterations, with an inventory system that attaches skills to items just turns the game into a big scavenger hunt.

4. Far Cry The original Far Cry was revolutionary at the time. Crytek created an insane open world with beautiful graphics and intelligent AI characters. The storyline and voice acting were much less approachable though, which is ironic because the performances and villains have come to be such a big part of Far Cry. Moving the franchise away from crazy difficult, doom-like mutants and grounding it in more realistic scenarios was definitely a good decision. Still, this is the blueprint for not only the Far Cry franchise but a lot of FPS since the 2000s, and while it may not be the best to play in 2021, we have to give it props for what it has established.

3. Far Cry 4 Far Cry 4 takes what we loved about Far Cry 3 and doubled down. Crazy villains, an even bigger open world, truly memorable psychedelic dream sequences, and the ubiquitous outpost claiming. Set in the Himalayas, you traverse mountains, fight on hidden temples and battle beautiful wild beasts while trying to free the Kyrat people from a tyrant named Pagan Min.

The pink-suit wearing, charismatic Min is another excellent Far Cry villain, but sadly, we don’t get to see enough of him and that’s a symptom of the biggest flaw: the storyline. The characters and the storyline as a whole are largely forgettable which is a big disappointment considering the memorability and potential of the setting. 2. Far Cry 5

Moving away from the traditionally exotic Far Cry worlds, 5 takes place in Hope County Montana, where a family of religious zealots is wreaking havoc. The game adds in a tonne that Far Cry 4 was missing. The storyline is rich, and as it gives you the choice of which missions to take in what order, it feels more open-world than ever. There is also a rich assortment of things happening in the world which gives this game a randomness and thrilling joy similar to Rockstar’s best worlds. The additions of legitimate planes and helicopters unlock the skies for real and the need to develop your team of allies (including a cougar!) is a nice touch. You can also play the entire storyline in co-op which adds a new degree of novelty to the tried and true format.

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