“Ranjith was hit on the head with a hammer before it was sliced,” says his mother about the gruesome murder

"Ranjith was hit on the head with a hammer before it was sliced," says his mother about the gruesome murder

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  • Ranjith Sreenivas, the state secretary of the BJP’s Other Backward Classes group, OBC Morcha, was hacked to death on Sunday, and his mother, Vinodini, disclosed disturbing information about the slaying.

  • Alappuzha: Following the tit-for-tat murders of political workers from the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Social Democratic Party of India on Sunday, the seaside Alappuzha district in Kerala is tense.

“I was climbing the stairs to the higher floor when I heard someone kicking the gate open as I returned home.” “A gang of people barged in, with machetes and a hammer,” Vinodini recalled.

“An assailant carrying the hammer hit Ranjith on the head and when he collapsed on the floor, the gang removed the ‘mundu’ he was wearing and began hacking him,” Vinodini narrated with fear writ large on her face.

The gang then forced its way into the house through the main door and smashed the tea-poy in the drawing-room with the hammer. Hearing a thud, Ranjith who was sleeping in his bedroom woke up and came to the dining hall.

Even though she rushed into the hall screaming and tried to protect her son, the gang shoved her to a side. “Meanwhile, Ranjith’s wife Lisha ran out of the kitchen and into the dining hall but she too was pushed to the floor by the assailants. Ranjith’s younger daughter Hridya also reached the place shouting ‘Father…’, but when a gang member made a swipe at her with a machete, she retreated to her room in fear,” Vinodini added.

During this time, Vinodini was lying on the floor. A gang member pressed a chair against her face, pinning her head on the floor and placed a knife on her neck. “He threatened to slit my throat,” the grieving mother said.

While Vinodini was pinned down by one assailant, the others were hacking repeatedly at Ranjith right in front of her.

Vinodini (71), who retired from the Kerala Health Services as a superintendent, has no clue why her son was killed in a brutal manner. “Ranjith was a very soft-spoken person. Then why did they kill him in such a way?” She wondered. When Ranjith was being attacked on the ground floor, his younger brother Abhijith was sleeping on the upper floor. “Abhijith had returned home after visiting the Sabarimala temple the other day and was in deep sleep. He didn’t initially hear my shouts, but when he later woke up and rushed downstairs, the gang had fled after attacking Ranjith,” Vinodini said.

The main door of the house was opened at 6.15 am that day when Ranjith’s elder daughter Bhagya went to attend a tuition class. Afterwards, the door was not locked, which gave easy access for the gang into the house, she further said.

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