PUSH SQUARE is one of the best PS4 survival games

PUSH SQUARE is one of the best PS4 survival games

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  • Below is a full list of the best PS4 survival games, presented in no particular order, as determined by our editorial team.

  • Which PS4 survival games are the best? Survival games have recently become one of the most popular genres, putting players in difficult situations and requiring them to overcome them with limited resources. We’ll go over the greatest PS4 survival games in this article, with a focus on games that require you to scrounge for resources and manufacture stuff to stay alive. Check out our articles to the Best PS4 Single Player Story Games and Best PS4 RPGs if you’re seeking for more of the best PS4 games.

It’s rough around the edges, but Rust Console Edition’s persistent online gameplay systems make it unlike anything else on this list. This is a game where you start out stranded on a beach with nothing, but if you can survive assaults from other players you can gradually build a safehouse to work out of. This will persist on any server even after you turn off the game, but it can be raided and looted by industrious opponents while you’re away. A unique experience that doesn’t feel particularly polished on PS4 but is extremely addictive.

Left to fend for yourself in the hostile wilderness, Song in the Smoke takes familiar survival mechanics and ups the intensity by plunging you into a deserted world using PSVR. You’ll need to build clothes and equipment, and pay close attention to the environment in order to hunt and tame your prey.

Minecraft may not be the most obvious survival game from its appearance, but this is a release where you start out stranded in a colossus, unexplored world and must gather resources in order to construct a safehouse and begin building tools and weapons. The loop sees you largely safe during the day, but Creepers come out at night, so you’ll need to work fast in order to ensure your safety when the sun comes down. The best thing about this game compared to others on the list is that its vibrant presentation makes it appealing to players of all ages, where the survival genre tends to focus primarily on horror.

More of a survival simulation than many of the other games on this list, The Long Dark incorporates body temperature and wind chill to create a survival experience unlike others. While you will need to pay attention to threats from the local wildlife, this open world excursion set within the Canadian wilderness emphasises your ongoing battle against the elements, and even features an episodic story mode for those who demand a bit more narrative in their endurance adventure.

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