PUGB To Get Some Important Fixes In The Coming Update

PUBG Corp has announced a 3-month campaign aimed at providing changes and improvements that players would like to see at the PlayerUnknown battleground. PUBG’s campaign is planning to deal with bugs that puzzled PUBG fans, quality of life and performance issues. The problem is very prominent, the recent steam review of PUBG is “almost negative,” and dissatisfaction about battle royal squeezes the subreddit of PUBG.

What To Expect?

This website contains a roadmap from August to October that explains the key areas that the developer team wants to improve and the key areas where players can expect to expect these changes are doing. The ones on the list are as follows;

Client Optimization

  • Character Optimization
  • Effect Optimization
  • Level Streaming Optimization

Server Performance

  • Optimization based on server performance
  • Network code optimization
  • Replication interleaving
  • Character movement optimization
  • Parachute movement optimization
  • Airplane sequence optimization


  • Quicker and smarter matchmaking

Bug fix and quality of life problems

  • Fixing bugs and tackling quality of life problems throughout the campaign

What’s being fixed first?

According to the roadmap, issues initially addressed include players notified that reporting is prohibited, level streaming optimization, and replication interleaving. You can use the correction log to show details of currently scheduled fixes and improvements to keep the team current as it is presently working.

“The PUBG will be a more stable, more fair game,” the campaign promises. “Over the next three months, we are dedicating the majority of the resources to address the game problem and implement the suggested improvements.