PS5 will carry next-gen ray tracing to square off with Xbox Series X

Sony should already reveal the PS5. It’s … uh … * checks the clock * three months ago, Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards in December and there is still no beep on the PlayStation field. However, we did hear some of the console specs in a GameStop list that has now been downloaded. The console supports 8K games, advanced lightning tracking features and an 8-core AMD chipset, which make incredible PS5 games like Gods and Monsters (above).

But unlike Microsoft, which launched game trailers and went into detail about the new features in the Xbox Series X, Sony was quiet. Either way, Sony’s partners are strong about the new technology. Reported by WCCFTech during the presentation of AMD’s Financial Analyst Day, which took place on Thursday, David Wang of the Radeon Technology Group took the stage to expel the possibilities that arise on both consoles due to its integrated AMD technology.

Wang said: “We have developed a new hardware-accelerated lightning-tracking architecture as part of RDNA 2. It is a common architecture used in next generation game consoles.

“With that, you’ll greatly simplify content development – developers can develop on one platform and easily transfer it to another. This will certainly help accelerate adoption.”

Wang details the broad capabilities of ray tracing. Now that the technology is more advanced, ray tracing gives developers more control, so they can get more performance from the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Ray tracking allows game developers to accurately capture directional light and display it in real time, imitating the way the human eye sees. The end result? A sumptuous appearance of the next generation of games.

We hear a lot about ray tracing, but this is the first time that a detail of the PS5’s graphic features has been provided. The only other information we have is a small trailer for Godfall, the first confirmed launch of the PS5, as well as generic trailers for other games between generations.

Microsoft also revealed that the Xbox Series X incorporates the sound described as “audio ray tracking” to mimic the way we hear sounds from different directions. Will the PS5 follow this example? We hope so, based on Sony executive Jim Ryan’s belief that the PS5 will see an increase in audio similar to the leap in graphics quality between the PS2 and PS3.

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