PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC versions of BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted have been announced

News Summary:

  • The Batsugun Saturn Tribute Boosted is the first entry in City Connection’s new Saturn Tribute Boosted series. A port of the Saturn era game but with additional features and elements. Batsugan is a vertically scrolling shooter game released for arcades in 1993 and later ported to the Saturn. Batsugun is a vertically scrolling shooting arcade game released by Toa Plan in 1993. The game was noted for its large number of bullets fired by both enemies and allies. This has led many games to adopt the same style of play. Batsugun thus became a pioneer of the danmaku genre. A “special” version of the game was then released on home consoles. A special version offers new features with better sound.

  • City Connection has announced Batsugun Saturn Tribute Boosted for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). It will be released worldwide on May 25th. In Japan, the physical regular and special editions of the PlayStation 4 and Switch will retail for ¥4,180 and ¥7,480, respectively.

The player can choose from his three types of aircraft. The goal is to destroy all approaching enemies with shots and bombs.

This is the original arcade version of the game. The game consists of 5 phases with endings.

This allows you to collect power-ups and experience points. When the experience bar reaches a certain point, the player’s plane evolves and becomes stronger. There is no difference in performance depending on the model, but the aircraft will switch between player 1 and player 2. Likewise, dialogue and endings change depending on which pilot you choose.

The “Special Version” mode is a revised mode of the game. Balance has been improved and various functions have been added. The game repeats from level 1 to level 5 (14 levels total).

This title is the first edition of the new Saturn Tribute Boosted brand. It is a port and recreation of the previous Saturn Tribute series powered by the Zebra engine, but with more new features and additions. The Boost Up HUD is a new user interface that displays an experience meter, current score (and hidden bonuses), and the title of his background music currently playing. The game also has an online ranked mode, with a higher maximum score and more challenges. The vastness of the distant univers. A revolution was taking place on one of its planets.

The Gradebaran Revolutionary Army rebelled against the government, eventually launching Project Epsilon.”