Project Shaolin: BrassLion Entertainment is said to be working on a Wu-Tang-inspired action RPG for Xbox

Project Shaolin: BrassLion Entertainment is said to be working on a Wu-Tang-inspired action RPG for Xbox

Tech Highlights:

  • Manveer Heir, co-founder of Brass Lion, tweeted earlier this year that development opportunities were available for “an unreleased action-RPG with a kickass anime design.”

  • Shaolin will be a third-person RPG featuring four-player co-op and a focus on martial fighting, according to Windows Central. Shaolin will also have a campaign that lasts “a couple of dozen hours” and will have endgame content with seasonal upgrades.

Wu-Tang Clan will allegedly be leading efforts to create the game’s soundtrack, though not much else has been revealed regarding their involvement.

Brass Lion Entertainment is currently hiring for a variety of positions that reveal some more about the game. In an advertisement for a lead 3D environment artist, the description notes that this upcoming action-RPG game will release on “the next generation of consoles and PC”. A similar listing for a gameplay programmer reveals that the same action-RPG is being created using Unreal Engine 4.

A relatively new studio, Brass Lion Entertainment’s founding members are industry veterans that have separately worked on games like Mass Effect 3, Sleeping Dogs, Skyrim and Fallout 3.

Until we get an official announcement, there’s every chance some of the plans for this game may change, of course. But it does appear that the project is going ahead. The design brief I received is now a few months old, but the ‘Shaolin’ codename appears in far more recent documents too, suggesting that the project is moving forward.

If it pans out as planned, it represents another compelling game Microsoft is exploring for its growing army of exclusive titles for Xbox Game Pass. We’ve seen many of them already from the likes of Avowed, State of Decay 3, and Starfield, but even some of the rumors we’ve uncovered like Project Dragon, Cobalt, and now Shaolin, speak to a truly broad and diverse lineup that will be hard for competitors to catch up with in the very near future. Microsoft has never given this much investment to its upcoming Xbox games lineup before, and it’s very clearly starting to bear fruit.

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