Presque Isle is plagued by a lack of cell phone service

Presque Isle is plagued by a lack of cell phone service

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  • Several people visiting Presque Isle said they have struggled to find cell service on the Peninsula. “It’s this section, Beach 10 to the lighthouse, this exterior, most curved of the Peninsula I guess. That’s where it’s really spotty, and that’s also some of the places with the worst wave and current conditions,” said Sarah Sargent, Executive Director of Erie Bird Observatory.

  • Community residents and state leaders intend to address cell phone service difficulties along Erie’s lakeshore as summer approaches. Here’s more information about this long-standing public safety concern. Cell service has been a problem on Erie’s waterfront for several years, according to multiple visitors at Presque Isle. A town hall gathering, they hope, will bring them one step closer to a solution. Snowfall in Erie right before May causes visitors to respond. Residents and visitors to Presque Isle State Park have had trouble getting mobile coverage along the lakeside for years.

“I know a lot of people that come down and spend a lot of time down here watching birds and taking pictures and it would be much easier if they had the ability to make calls. In an emergency you really need that service,” said Shirley Schell, visitor, Presque Isle State Park. “When I’ve had problems with the boats before, trying to contact the people just going fishing with me, I can’t get ahold of them. It would be nice if something happened,” said Jim Banaszek, visitor, Presque Isle State Park.

“You have more people on the beaches. If you don’t have that proper cellphone coverage, there could be serious incidents and accidents that occur out here, that there could be a delayed response to those,” said Don Benczowski, Member of Presque Isle Advisory Committee. For news delivered right to you, subscribe to JET 24/FOX.  66/’s breaking, daily news & severe weather email lists Erie residents are invited to discuss the areas that they feel are most effected. Presque Isle Advisory Committee members have teamed up with State Representatives Bob Merski and Pat Harkins to bring more attention to the issue.

Alleged flasher arrested after getting pepper sprayed. Now, community leaders are trying to address the issue starting with a town hall meeting on May 5 at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. One member of the Presque Isle Advisory Committee said that spotty cell service has been a problem for years. He hopes that getting people together for a town hall meeting is a step closer to solving the issue.

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