Practical: Changes and functions in macOS 11.3 Beta 1 [Video]

Practical: Changes and functions in macOS 11.3 Beta 1 [Video]

Yesterday Apple released a huge new beta version for MacOS Big Sur 11.3 for Mac users. The update brings some long-awaited new features to the table, such as: For example, you can set a HomePod stereo pair as the global default audio output option. Additionally, the beta will add changes that were already implemented in the previous version of iOS 14.5 beta for iOS devices, such as: B. A new section “Made For You” in the Music app and updates to the sorting options in the Reminder app. Watch our handy video tutorial as we introduce changes and features in macOS 11.3 Beta 1.

iPad apps running on M1 Macs get settings

In macOS 11.3, iPad apps running on M1 Macs get access to a new settings menu when you click the application name in the menu bar. Touch Alternativeswhich was previously a standalone option under the app name in the menu bar has been moved to “Settings”.

Touch Alternatives Its primary purpose is to enable users to interact with iOS games that expect touch input. When running an iOS app on M1 Macs, users can enable touch Alternative You can interact with an iOS app by tapping, swiping, dragging, or using multi-touch gestures, replacing touch with pointer input.

Video: Changes and features of macOS 11.3 Beta 1

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In versions of macOS for M1 Macs prior to beta version 11.3, touch is enabled Alternatives activated all functions for tapping, swiping, dragging and multi-touch. However, the M1 beta offers users a more detailed approach. It has a global toggle switch for Touch Alternatives, but users can also activate these functions individually via the app settings.

The introduction of a traditional settings menu also opens up the possibility of even more customization options for iOS apps on M1 Macs, and it’s almost certain that we’ll get them as this new way of using iOS apps continues to grow.

iPad app window size changes

Although you can’t manually adjust the window size of iOS apps running on a Mac, the default window size has increased based on your Mac’s screen resolution.

Stereo-paired HomePods as global standard sound output

In a very welcome change, a pair of HomePods with stereo pairing can now act as the default global sound output for macOS 11.3 Beta. Previously, a Mac saw the HomePod stereo pair as two separate devices in the macOS global sound settings.

A while back, the macOS Music app was updated to recognize HomePod stereo pairs. So far, however, macOS has lagged behind in system-level detection. This new change joins tvOS which can also recognize and set a stereo pair as the default output for Apple TV.

While it’s great for general music and movie playback, I don’t see a pair of HomePods or HomePod minis (which don’t yet include an updated glyph for the mini stereo pair) as replacements for suitable external speakers on a device like the Mac mini, for example . When working with apps that require minimal latency, such as B. Final Cut Pro, the delay in playing video on the timeline is still insurmountable.

“Made For You” in the Apple Music Library

Like the iOS 14.5 update, the default music app includes a new “Made For You” section in the music library. This new section contains the Chill Mix, Favorites Mix, and New Music Mix playlists, usually found in the Listen Now section.

Redesigned News + tab in the Apple News app

The beta version of macOS 11.3 ships with an updated “News +” tab under the Apple News app. On the updated News + tab, a new My Magazine section appears by default, with slightly larger covers for all of the magazines you are reading. In addition, it simplifies the layout and contains only three additional sections for Downloaded, Newspapers and Catalog.

Updated sorting options for the reminder app

While iOS 14.5 got the ability to sort lists iPhone and the Reminders update for iPad, macOS 11.3 Beta 1, offers improvements to the existing sorting options. In 11.3, users can now right-click a list directly to view sorting options instead of having to go to the View menu on the menu bar.

You will also find that when sorting by parameters like title, due date, creation date, or priority, you now have ascending and descending sort options.

Next generation controller support

As with the recent beta update for iOS, next generation controller support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers is now available on Mac. Not only is this beneficial for Apple arcade games, but it should also be great for controlling games streamed to the Mac from those consoles.

Upcoming Safari Extensions

macOS Big Sur has released a more customizable new Safari window page that can toggle different sections like Siri Suggestions, Reading List, iCloud Tabs, etc. Users can even customize a new page background image.

With the update to Safari on macOS 11.3 Beta 1, users will soon be able to take this customization to the next level. By using extensions, you can further customize and overwrite new windows or tabs with Safari under macOS 11.3. With this update, developers can add different features or even a brand new style to the new window or tab.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try this new feature as there are no compatible extensions available yet. As soon as extensions become available, we’ll be sure to show you how it all works.

New support menu

A new support menu with more details on Apple’s one-year warranty and AppleCare will be available in macOS 11.3. Similar to the AppleCare Coverage menu that appears in the Settings → General section of iOS, this new Support menu replaces the old Support menu in the About This Mac window. It’s unclear when this new support menu will be available, but it will likely be close to the final macOS 11.3 release.

Apple Support App

The code discovered by 9to5mac indicates that in addition to the updated Support menu, Apple is planning to bring the Apple Support app to the Mac. The Apple Support app, which is currently only available to you iPhone With the iPad, users can contact Apple Support, run direct device diagnostics, and initiate repairs without opening the Apple website or calling AppleCare support agents on the phone.

New icon when sending feedback

It’s a minor change, but the Feedback Assistant app has been updated with a cute little smiley face glyph after a bug report was sent to Apple.


MacOS 11.3, like iOS 14.5, is a major new update for Apple users. It adds much-needed features like HomePod stereo pair output, as well as upcoming customization changes to apps like Safari. What are your favorite new changes and features for macOS 11.3 Beta 1? Tune in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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