Polygon World VR, a social virtual reality platform, is about to launch an EA beta

Polygon World VR, a social virtual reality platform, is about to launch an EA beta

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  • Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology was established in March 2020, with members from all over the world and major game companies. Our company mainly focuses on the development of VR&AI technology and entertainment products. The company is looking for angel investment, welcome partners who are interested in VR and AI industry to contact us.

  • /PRNewswire/ — HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 8, 2021 — The Hangzhou Virtual Human Technology team created Polygon World VR on their own. Cross-platform VR social interaction, which supports mobile phones, PCs, and VR social experiences, is one of the product’s most appealing aspects. In the near future, the beta version will be available, and roughly 500 players with VR devices (Oculus Quest2) will be asked to participate in the early test.

The beta version opens up two cities: Hangzhou and Singapore. The city environment has a time system which means the sun and sky will change between day and night. Compared with the Demo version, the city scene has been greatly optimized with a brighter and spacious city environment and a simpler UI.

The Polygon World VR EA beta is about to launch, more cities and device support will gradually be available in subsequent versions.

We created new gameplay: Battle Royale. Experience VR battle royale in a polygon world that is completely different from traditional PC games. Survive to the end in an abandoned island and win the crown!


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