Pokimane appeals to “obsessed” fans with a brutally honest message

Pokimane appeals to "obsessed" fans with a brutally honest message

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  • During a recent stream, Pokimane shared a brutally honest message to a fan who won’t leave the streamer alone, despite being banned on numerous occasions. Addressing the fan and their obsessive, smothering behavior, Pokimane made it clear that she will not tolerate fans trying to” psychoanalyze” and “micro-manage” her “friendships or relationships.”

  • Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most well-known Twitch broadcasters in the world, and with that degree of Internet celebrity comes a legion of adoring admirers that know no bounds. Parasocial followers plague every top Twitch broadcaster, and if you’re acquainted with Pokimane’s shows, you’ll know this has been an issue for her for a long time, and the problem has lately resurfaced.

“You’ve made so many accounts just to ask me the most weird and random questions about my friends,” Poki said. “‘Have you met this person? Why aren’t you following this person? Go do this, Go do that!’… Stop it. And your account is made on November 9 because I’ve banned you so many f*****g times before. Guys if you see someone behaving this way, please tell them to stop.”

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“It’s weird and it’s obnoxious. Like, I love all of my friends dearly but please stop trying to psychoanalyze or micro-manage my friendships or relationships with others. Or asking so many weird, repetitive, obsessive questions. I live my private life off-stream, okay.”


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