Pocket is starting to hide everything you’ve already read

Pocket is starting to hide everything you've already read

Tech Highlights:

  • In today’s blog post, Pocket shared two new features coming to smartphones this month. The first — and most promising — is a new method for sorting articles on your homepage. Viewed and unviewed articles will no longer blend together; instead, all unread content will be shown in bold, perfectly drawing your eyes to new content saved in your library. After you’ve opened it, its highlight is removed to better blend into the background. Buttons to share, archive, and access additional actions have been added to these articles as well, to make favoriting or deleting faster.

  • Pocket is ideal for keeping track of all those long-reads you keep promising yourself you’ll get to later. It recently underwent a number of improvements, including the addition of an outstanding time-tracking function that divides your saved articles into categories based on duration. To end the year on a high note, the firm is celebrating its app’s advances and releasing a few of new features.

While an article is open, new arrows for swapping between next and previous articles will show up at the bottom of the screen. This addition eliminates the need to head back to your main list to select another document. With just a single tap, you can toggle back and forth through your library. In addition, Pocket is working to bolster its already-existing features. Home, a web-only UI currently in beta testing, is an improved way to find new content relevant to what you’re already reading. The company is working to make it even better, with recommended articles based on everything you’ve saved over the last six months, as well as a “Recent saves” section at the top of the UI. It’s something Pocket intends to keep working on throughout 2022.

Finally, the service’s curated Collections are getting a new dedicated tab to keep them all accessible in one place. If you aren’t already using Pocket, today might be a great time to finally try it out for yourself. asus chromebook cx9 hero. Asus Chromebook CX9 Review: Too much of a good thing.

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