Players are stumped after Modern Warfare 2 developers polished an attachment that doesn’t exist

News Summary:

  • The Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded update brought a lot of important content to the game, from the Himmelmat Expo map that players were curious to see when playing ranked, to the powerful Marksman rifle and raid episode new.

  • Modern Warfare 2 players noticed an upside in the Season 2 Reload update for an attachment that wasn’t even in the game.

Like any major Call of Duty update, Season 2 Reloaded also brings a bunch of buffs and nerfs to Modern Warfare 2’s weapons, refreshing the meta and allowing players to experiment with everything, even effects to Warzone 2.

In Modern Warfare 2 Season 2’s reloaded patch notes, an attachment called “LM Nebula Barrel” for the Lachmann Sub received an assist for its damage range and recoil control. . These buffs seem to be quite strong so naturally players want to try this crate. However, the community quickly realized that this barrel didn’t even exist.

That said, players have noticed a strange buff for an attachment in balance changes that has them questioning the developers.

Reddit user KNEXIUM pointed this out on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, saying, “Fun fact: Infinity Ward just polished a crate that doesn’t even exist in the game.”

In the post, one of the images explains what happened to the cropped bin, which appears to be a “completely deleted bin”, but it has been removed since it appeared in beta.

This has led to a lot of confusion in the community, with players in the comments section expressing similar views, with one even saying: “I saw this in the patch notes and Haven’t found it anywhere until today.It’s wild.

Other players thought the developers thought “nobody was using it” and decided to inadvertently improve it, which, another player said, “shows that they haven’t even watched the game”. Maybe it was a crate that the developers intended to include in the game later, or maybe it was an accidental buff, it’s hard to say. That said, players would like to see this canon dropped for the MP5, with one comment saying they “always rocked this thing in previous games”.