Pinball Battle Game ‘Beast Breaker’ is coming out next week for PC and Nintendo Switch

Pinball Battle Game 'Beast Breaker' is coming out next week for PC and Nintendo Switch

Points Highlighted:

  • There are a handful of games in the world that feature pinball bouncing mechanics such as the four-player action-adventure Skeleton Crew. There are, of course, plenty of games that use pinball mechanics in the traditional way (such as Dragon Pinball on the Nintendo Switch), but this might be the first game I’ve seen where your character serves as the projectile aside from Cheap Ramen Games’ competitive “sports-ish” game Meow Pow.

  • Beast Breaker is a game where you play as a tiny warrior mouse named Skipper. The world is filled with peril, and Skipper is well-equipped to defend it through the use of careful tactical planning… followed up by charging directly at the enemy and bouncing around like a murderous pinball. Check out the Beast Breaker release date trailer to see it in motion!

Beast Breaker was first revealed earlier this year by Vodeo Games, a studio whose roster includes one of the designers of the popular mobile puzzle game Threes. This will be the first of what will hopefully be many annual releases from the company.

The Beast Breaker release date will be September 23, 2021, for PC and Nintendo Switch. Vodeo Games intended to get this game out in Summer 2021, but it looks like it might have taken a little longer than expected. Thankfully, this delay was for a grand total of one day. (Fall 2021 officially begins on September 22.)

When is the Beast Breaker Release Date?

Unfortunately, there are no Epic Games Store or Nintendo eShop pages up just yet. For now, you can learn more about Beast Breaker by checking out its official website.

What do you think of Beast Breaker? What’s your favorite game that lets you bounce projectiles around to take out your enemies? Let us know in the comments below!

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