Picnic unveils new kitchen automation initiatives

Picnic unveils new kitchen automation initiatives

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  • In other news this month, DoorDash is adding a new merchant suite to help boost small businesses and Lunchbox is introducing a new integration network that helps solve the age-old problem, “why won`t these tech vendors play nicely together?” Tech Tracker rounds up what`s happening in the technology sector of the restaurant industry, including news from restaurants, vendors, digital platforms, and third-party delivery companies. Here`s a breakdown of what you need to know and why: Robot technology company Picnic has been busy this month.

  • Automation technology is king these days, from flashy robots to Starbucks` recent announcement that they would be investing in more automation to help cut down drink-making time. Not only can automation help with the ongoing labor crisis, but human-free tech can also improve speed and convenience: two consumer needs that have become more important in the post-pandemic world. This month, the robot tech news keeps rolling in as pizza robot-maker Picnic, announced multiple new partnerships, including one with Domino`s International and one with Minnow Technologies to introduce an automated pickup pod.

The pizza automation company has announced a partnership with Seattle-based Minnow Technologies, which has developed self-service pickup pods (aka smart food lockers) for food service operators. The companies believe the partnership is particularly well suited for end-to-end automation in commercial kitchens, large franchises, sports stadiums and universities. Customers can place mobile orders, which are picked up by Picnic’s pizza-making technology, made and placed in a heated receiving tray for the customer to pick up at their convenience.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing partnerships Picnic announced is with Domino`s International, where the company will be testing the kitchen of the future at a Domino`s store in Berlin, Germany. While this is just a test demonstration, the Picnic partnership with international franchisee, Domino`s Pizza Enterprises Ltd., Is a multi-year partnership that could lead to more automation solutions for the company in the future.

But that’s not all. Picnic has announced a partnership with Seattle-based Moto, known for unique pizza concepts such as clam chowder and minced cheese, to bring Picnic’s pizza station, Otis, to the burgeoning pizzeria. “Moto was founded on the idea that nutritious and local ingredients should be used to provide the highest quality meals. “With more and more people desperate to get their hands on [our pizzas], we`re looking forward to Picnic helping us produce a higher volume of the peculiar pizza Seattle desires, without any sacrifice to taste.”

Following the trend of third-party delivery companies expanding beyond their original capabilities, DoorDash has launched a new merchant suite meant to help boost the performance of neighborhood restaurants. This reorganization of DoorDash`s current merchant capabilities lets operators easily see the solutions available to them in one place based on needs like “grow online” “attract new customers,” or “increase order volume.”

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