Petrol prices are at their highest since 2014 and the trend will continue

Gasoline prices are at their highest level since 2014 and the trend will continue

If you plan to travel on Memorial Day weekend, expect higher prices at the pump. That’s what a travel expert from AAA says. In Syracuse, the average cost of gasoline is $ 3.33. There are several factors that lead consumers to spend more money on fueling their cars.

“It all started just before the demand for colonial pipelines increased. At the same time, there is a shortage of truckers so they have problems delivering fuel to some areas. Then the colonial pipeline was shut down and that was really just the perfect storm, “said Elizabeth Carey. She is the PR director for AAA.

Last year’s prices were historically low during the unofficial start to summer due to the pandemic. The average gasoline price on Memorial Day weekend 2020 was under $ 2.00 per gallon. Experts note that behavior is now changing.

“Things are opening up again, people are on the go, people have been vaccinated, the demand for travel is very high,” said Carey. During the holiday weekend, prices are expected to rise a few cents when drivers are already feeling the shock on the pump.

“I just invested $ 50 and it didn’t even fill my tank. It was only a few weeks ago that $ 25 would fill my tank, ”said Hope Wagner. For drivers looking for relief, Carey expects high demand throughout the summer.

According to the AAA, next Friday is the busiest day for gas stations. If you are planning a trip, fill up a few days before your departure if you can. Experts also recommend not dropping your tank below a quarter of the tank.

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