Part 1 of 2 of Slices of Life: Phone links

Part 1 of 2 of Slices of Life: Phone links

Tech Highlights:

  • Our phones have become an extension of us. We wouldn’t consider leaving home without them. I didn’t see it coming — this reliance I have (we have) on our phones. They’re our communication link to the outside world, but that’s only the beginning. They are calendars, calculators and contacts. Anyone remember the days when we actually memorized the phone numbers of friends and family? I don’t know anyone’s phone number anymore. Even my own. I’ve got myself on speed dial.

  • This dependency on our phones, which I (we) have, surprised me. They’re our link to the outside world in terms of communication, but that’s only the beginning. The Trust Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to The Trust Project includes us. What would you grab on your way out if your house or workplace’s fire alarm went off and you had to flee quickly? Apart from dogs, spouses, chapstick, and an extra pair of undies, I’m sure we could all agree on one thing: our phones.

Our phones are cameras. They record video. They are games and memes. They are FaceTime and Facebook, TikTok and alarm clocks. They track your health and your wealth. They are apps, maps and Snaps. They are banking, bill pay and better than cash. They are shopping and free shipping. They are movies and streaming. They are the weather.

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