Our favorite workout earbuds

Our favorite workout earbuds

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  • Whether you’re a just starting to cultivating a yoga practice at home, or you’re an experienced yogi, being equipped with the best yoga gear makes it a whole lot easier to facilitate difficult poses, or even support the more basic moves. From reliable mats, to sturdy yoga blocks, and moisture-wicking fitness clothing, here are the top yoga accessories to help you ace even the most pretzel-twisting poses at home.

  • It’s easier now more than ever to find a livestream yoga class online, roll out a mat, and just get down into downward dog. But without the proper tools or gear, you might find it a bit more difficult.

Yoga Gear Buying Guide

For example, if you’re trying to simulate the feel of hot yoga, you’ll want a mat that grips the more you sweat, and perhaps even a specific towel to place over it. If you’re trying for more complicated moves (like the complex scorpion) you’ll want workout clothes that can stretch and breathe as you move.

The best yoga gear is versatile and effective, and can be used for regular workouts too, from at-home Pilates to HIIT training. Not all yoga practices are created equal, though, and incorporating different tools like yoga blocks or straps offer more options for your practice.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re dedicated to eventually getting back into a yoga studio, you’ll eventually need a gym bag or yoga straps to carry your new gear.

What Are the Best Yoga Accessories?

The best yoga accessories are ultimately aimed to help you ease into your routine, offering a way to hone in on your form, or relieve stress as you focus more on your breathing than whether you’ll slip on the mat. Here are some of the best yoga mats, workout clothes and yoga gear you should consider.

1. lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm Wordmark Feel like you need extra comfort while performing at-home workouts? You’ll want to invest in this thicker, reversible mat from lululemon, which makes transitioning poses as easy as can be.

This mat is thick enough to cushion your body and protect your joints from a hard floor, but I’ve noticed it’s also great for meditating lying down or sitting, even if it was specifically-crafted for yoga. The top layer is super grippy if your practice involves more sweat, but the natural rubber base has an antimicrobial additive so it stays fresh for longer.

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