Ori and the Blind Forest was its creator’s Mario, but its successor title is Zelda

News Summary:

  • The CEO of Moon Game Studios, Thomas Mahler, tweeted about the studio’s ongoing project and compared it to The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo. Mahler states, “Ori was our ‘Mario,’ and this is our ‘Zelda.’” Mahler first began prototyping our new project back in 2015.

  • The studio that created Ori and the Blind Forest has compared its upcoming game to Zelda and the Ori series to Mario.

The CEO of Moon Game Studios suggests that the company’s upcoming game will follow a similar progression to what Nintendo experienced when switching from the Super Mario series to The Legend of Zelda series back in the day rather than directly comparing the platforming Metroidvania Ori series to Nintendo’s plumber friend. In the tweet’s replies, Mehler provides an explanation for this by writing, “Nintendo back then made a platformer, followed by an Adventure game – hence my analogy.”

Why not catch up on Moon Game Studios’ earlier works while we wait for their upcoming game? You can continue reading the 2015 novel Ori and the Blind Forest after finishing it. In our review of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, we gave the sequel four and a half stars.

The upcoming game from Moon Game Studios hasn’t been fully announced, so we don’t know much about it. According to Mahler’s tweet, all we know is that it will be an action-RPG and that it has been in development since 2015. Because Mahler wants players to “know that this is a Moon Studios game even if you just see a thumbnail,” we also know from the responses to the tweet that the art style will be similar to that of the Ori games.