Orange Slovensko has launched an Android TV set-top box

Orange Slovensko has launched an Android TV set-top box

Points Highlighted:

  • “nangu.TV has made significant efforts to make the end-user experience even better. Our state-of-the-art solution enhances the viewing experience of subscribers and will attract new customers in a very competitive pay-tv market in Slovakia”.

  • Commenting on the development, Zdenek Gerlicky, CEO, nangu.TV, said: “We’re excited to provide our partner Orange Slovensko with the first implementation of our Android TV Operator Tier set-top box in Slovakia.

Julia Piovarci, Orange’s project manager responsible for the Orange TV Box project, added: “The technologically unique solution on the nangu.TV platform, which we have chosen, gives the soul to a unique device. Thanks to this connection, customers with our new 4K set-top box will get the maximum television entertainment and spectator comfort embodied into a single device”.

“Orange Slovensko is deploying state-of-the-art set tops designed by CommScope with nangu.TV to enhance its subscribers’ viewing experience and deliver quality aggregated streaming content that its customers have come to expect”.

Phil Cardy, VP, international PLM, home networks, CommScope, said: “Consumer set-top devices continue to evolve by offering both live and on-demand TV services with streaming capabilities in an easy-to-use experience.

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