One UI Watch 4.5 will be available soon for Galaxy Watch devices, according to Samsung

One UI Watch 4.5 will be available soon for Galaxy Watch devices, according to Samsung

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  • There are some fantastic Fallout: New Vegas mods out there, but this one from creator Testudini might be the most satisfying of the lot. A lot of people are familiar with Skyrim’s infamous “arrow to the knee” repeated line, but anyone who’s played Obsidian’s Fallout game will be familiar with NCR soldiers saying “patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.” It’s a meme.

  • Any NCR soldier who dares to utter that to you will be destroyed by the Fallout: New Vegas mod “Wishes Come True.” If you’ve played the RPG game, you’re familiar with the sentence that New Vegas added to assist remove the least liked aspect of the game as forcefully and destructively as possible. It refers to any NCR soldier who tries to utter the line to you. You understand which one we mean.

The ‘Wishes Come True’ mod for Fallout: New Vegas grants the wish of NCR soldiers by immediately targeting anyone who says the line with a tactical nuclear missile. Unfortunately, as you might imagine, if you’re close enough to hear the line you’re undoubtedly close enough to be blown up in a nuclear inferno, but them’s the breaks.  It might make playing Fallout: New Vegas more difficult, but it’s a small price to pay to not hear that line ever again. Will Bethesda’s next RPG Starfield have an annoying meme-worthy line that modders will have to sort out? We can only hope.


Since its initial worldwide release in 2013, War Thunder has brought people together from all over the world to participate in highly accurate naval, aerial, and ground-based battles. Frequent updates are nothing new for War Thunder, and this time around Gaijin Entertainment has outdone itself. Fans of the military MMO game have plenty to sink their teeth into with the new ‘Danger Zone’ update that contains heaps of content including brand new vehicles, locations, and weapons. ‘Danger Zone’ brings a long list of fresh vehicles, as well as the addition of napalm that sticks to an entire area for up to one minute, slowly destroying any lightly armoured or open-topped vehicle in its path.

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