On the web, Google Contacts is getting a much-needed update

News Summary:

  • On the Workspace Updates blog, Google says it has started rolling out an update for all users that introduces the Contacts quick button on the right side of the Workspace app. Clicking this will bring up your contact list so you can get in touch with them instantly and will have the option to add a new contact. Users can also edit a contact by selecting the contact and clicking the edit icon on the top right.

  • If you use Google Contacts on the web, you might be frustrated that you can only create new contacts on the dedicated website and not anywhere else. Of course, you can always bring your favorite Android device to fill in the details, but it’s very inconvenient if, for example, you have work contacts nearby but only a personal phone. personal communication. Thankfully, Google has finally made it easy for desktop and laptop users to add contacts to apps like her Gmail and Google Docs.

Google warns that users cannot add contacts within the open details area of ​​her single email her thread.

The inclusion of this feature definitely makes adding or modifying existing contacts a lot easier. Given the contact experience offered by industry rival Apple’s ecosystem, it’s fair to say that Google fell behind. Oddly enough, this comes not long after the company announced plans to integrate tasks and reminders into Google Tasks.

The rollout started on February 17th, but it may take up to 15 days for some users to see the new button. All Google Workspace users will eventually see this change, in addition to existing G Suite customers and personal accounts.

Google Contact has seen some notable upgrades recently, especially in the Android version. Last week it was revealed that Google is working on a new Material You widget for Android’s Contacts app. There have been many other updates to the Contacts app for Android over the past few months.