On the iPhone 12, there’s lava! Watch what happens when molten lava splashes on you iPhone

On the iPhone 12, there's lava!  Watch what happens when molten lava splashes on you iPhone

Points Highlighted:

  • But wait! This is not the whole truth! When we closely looked at the video, we found that the smartphone that is used while pouring the hot lava is actually not a real iPhone 12 but a clone of it. Look carefully and you will see the smartphone which he brings out of the box is vastly different from the one which is used for the experiment. You can easily see the “victim phone” being a cheap iPhone knock-off running on Android.

  • The video starts with the man bringing out the iPhone 12 from its box and is heating the lava simultaneously. When the lava boils, he picks it up via a holder and pours it onto the screen of the iPhone 12 placed on the table. For some time the lava spreads on the screen to form a hot lava foam, then gradually it settles down on the screen. Following that, a black spot starts appearing on the screen of the iPhone. Within this time, the person tries to scratch the lava from the screen but he fails to do it and again puts the hot lava on it. What is amazing about it? Well, the screen of the iPhone doesn’t explode even after so much heat caused by lava.

However, we have checked several other videos on YouTube with the same experiment of lava on an iPhone. All of the video experiments from YouTube channels such as DistractifyYT, Power Vision PRT and Superkot showed that the iPhone heated up while lava pours on it and resultantly blasts.


Of course that’s what we can expect while pouring hot lava on any smartphone. But, the earlier video with the clone of the iPhone surely amazed the audience with an unexpected result. You must be wondering what that smartphone was that resisted a blast from witnessing such extreme temperatures. Sadly, we couldn’t find the name or its listing anywhere. Whatever it was, never try such experiments! You do not want exploding smartphones and their batteries catching fire in your backyard, or your apartment.

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