On Steam Deck and Linux, SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE is compatible out of the box

On Steam Deck and Linux, SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE is compatible out of the box

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  • Contrary to many releases, there are no problems with movie playback here; everything just works. The only issue I had with the Steam Deck was that I had to manually activate the on-screen keyboard, but other than that, everything worked quite well right out of the box.

  • Brand-new from ARTDINK and Bandai Namco Entertainment comes SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE. The good news is that it functions on Linux desktop and Steam Deck right out of the box at release. Between missions, Battle Alliance is primarily a hack and slash game with some features from an anime visual novel. available for solo or two-player online gaming.

On my desktop running Fedora Linux, where I tested it, it worked flawlessly.

Despite this, I’m really getting into it, partly because I love the many Gundam universes and tales. It’s still fun to walk around as some of my favourite machines and shoot other people.

Users’ opinions seem to be relatively split so far on Steam. Even though I’m a great Gundam fan, I’m not sure what I make of it. SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE is obviously intended as fan service, but that’s okay. For Gundam enthusiasts, the developer has put a lot of effort and attention to detail into it, offering a variety of mobile suits that can be unlocked and upgraded, but generally, it feels a little lacking, especially the combat, which is a fairly straightforward hack and slash. For a 2022 release, the environment imagery is also a little lacklustre.

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