On September 15, the Honor X40 series will continue

On September 15, the Honor X40 series will continue

News Summary:

  • To start, there are rumours that, after the Honor X40i was released two months ago, at least two new devices—the Honor X40 and Honor X40 Max—will be released later this month. The upcoming X40 series phones will also enable 5G, which has recently become a standard for mid- and high-end smartphones, according to the Weibo teaser.

  • Honor has been attempting to profit on Huawei’s fall from favour for a while, but only time will tell if the Chinese company will be successful. Let’s focus on what Honor has planned for the upcoming weeks for the time being. On September 15, the Honor X40 series will resume. We now know that Honor aims to mark nine years since the launch of its first X series phone with style according to a post on Weibo, China’s answer to Facebook. In that regard, Honor has declared that the new X40 phones will be unveiled on September 15. We already know a few specifics, despite the Chinese smartphone manufacturer not disclosing the number of devices that will be shown next week or their names.

We can reasonably anticipate that these X40 series phones will eventually be released outside of the Mainland this year, but based on past experience, they will likely be unveiled in China where Honor is still concentrating its operations. Watch this space for updates on Honor’s upcoming high-end smartphones.

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