On MacBook Pros 2021 and later, macOS 12.1 restores menu bar icons that were obscured by the notch

On MacBook Pros 2021 and later, macOS 12.1 restores menu bar icons that were obscured by the notch

Tech Highlights:

  • The little icons that show on the right side of the menu bar, giving users with fast access to app-specific functions, are known as “menu bar extras.” The notch on the latest MacBook Pro models may overlap these icons, leading them to be buried or just partially visible, however Apple claims that this fault has been resolved in macOS 12.1.

  • The macOS Monterey 12.1 Release Candidate was sent to developers on Tuesday for testing, and the update fixes an issue with the notch hiding “menu bar extras” on the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

As for top-level menus like File, Edit, and View on the left side of the menu bar, developers can update their Mac apps to play friendly with the notch. As a last resort for apps that have not yet been updated, users can enable a “scale to fit below built-in camera” setting for the app to adjust the active area of the MacBook Pro’s display, ensuring that the app’s menus appear below the notch and are always visible.

macOS 12.1 also resolves several other bugs, including issues with Tap to Click, HDR video playback on YouTube, and MagSafe charging:

These changes come after several users complained about the notch interfering with menu bar items on the new MacBook Pro models.

This release also includes bug fixes for your Mac:

Desktop and Screen Saver may appear blank after selecting photos from the Photos library

Trackpad could become unresponsive to taps or clicks

External displays may not charge some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers when connected using Thunderbolt or USB-C HDR video playback on YouTube.com could cause 2021 MacBook Pro computers to panic

Menu bar extras may be obscured by the camera housing on 2021 MacBook Pro computers MagSafe may stop charging on 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro computers when lid is closed and system is shut down

macOS 12.1 is expected to be released to all users as early as next week. When available, users can install the update by clicking on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen, clicking on About This Mac, and clicking on the Software Update button.

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