On December 2nd, the PS4 version of Break Arts II was released

On December 2nd, the PS4 version of Break Arts II was released

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  • On December 2, the PS4 version of Break Arts II was released.

2nd of December, 2021

Users can control a customisable robot in the game. Although customers will be able to mix and match modules according to their preferences, they can also employ moveable joints to integrate gimmicks like deployment, separation, and rotation. The game hosts a “cyber battle racing” tournament in which users compete against one another.

PS4 | Image credit: PlayStation/YouTube Break Arts II Break Arts II – Launch Trailer Mercury Studio created the popular game Break Arts II, which was released on December 2, 2021 by PLAYISM on the PlayStation 4 version. The game is essentially a battle racing game in which the user must fight robots that have been created using various modules and joints. The game’s new PS4 edition is priced at 1980 yen.

The players of the game will be offered a range of parts which they will have to assemble with their own abilities. This provides the players with an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to customization. Some of the robot parts offered can fold and unfold, or even come apart, really giving the players an opportunity to build the robot of their dreams. Customization of the robots also gives the players an opportunity to improve time attacks.

The trailer of the game reveals that in addition to offering the usual perks of the game, the core element has also been further tuned so that it offers its players the best possible gaming experience. As part of the new inclusion, the developers have added a new mode that allows the players to shoot in-game scenes. The players, furthermore, can also shoot their own aircraft while adjusting the scene and angle.

Assemble your robot from a range of parts—each with their own abilities—allowing for virtually unlimited possibilities in customization. Some robot parts can fold and unfold, come apart, and rotate, so you can build your dream machine any way you like!

The game has been further tuned in order to bring the best possible experience to robot and race game fans alike for the PlayStation 4. Some fans have found the customization and battle races so addictive they’ve racked up over a 1,000 hours of playtime on PC!  

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