On Android, Truecaller users are provided with a video call ID and call recording

On Android, Truecaller users are provided with a video call ID and call recording

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  • However, there is a caveat for the moment. Truecaller Version 12 is only available on smartphones running Android operating systems. In fact, the company said the new updates will start rolling out gradually to all Android-run devices in India in the coming weeks. However, these changes could take a while before landing on the iOS, which means those using iPhones may have to wait a bit longer for these features. The company hasn’t announced a launch date for iOS yet.

  • Truecaller, which just released its personal safety software Guardian, updated its smartphone app today with new features such as video caller ID, call recording, and ghost calling functionality. Version 12 of the caller verification app, which has more than two-thirds of its 300 million active users in India, was released, according to the business, and goes beyond offering user protection. Truecaller includes caller ID, caller ID on full screen, and secure backup of contacts and messages.

New Interface A major change in the new interface is the introduction of separate tabs for calls and text messages. The change, according to Truecaller, was a long felt requirement in order to de-clutter the user interface. It would help users track both calls and text message through their home screens. Call Recording was originally introduced as a premium feature on the app. Now, the latest version would make it available to all Android users running version 5.1 and later. Users would now have the ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls irrespective of whether the device has it installed. The company clarified that all such calls would be locally stored and Truecaller would have no access to it. Users will be able to play back recordings or delete them via a file browse while the app would also permit file sharing via email, Bluetooth or messaging.

Call Announce is another optional feature that will mention the caller ID of any incoming call loudly. However, this works only for saved contacts as well as for the numbers identified by Truecaller. Users would also be able to hear these with their headphones on. This feature too is available for paid users of the app. Upcoming phone launches in November 2021: Specs, launch date, and price. Want to know about the latest happenings in tech? Follow TechRadar India on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Video Caller ID allows users to get a brief video that plays automatically when they call friends and family via the smartphone. There is an option for users to choose from one of the templates provided by the company or create their own video. Ghost Call is a feature that would allow users to set any name, number and picture to make it appear as though they’re getting a call from that person. Users can select a user from their contact list as the ghost caller. Users would be able to schedule such calls. However, the feature is currently available only for Premium and Gold subscribers of Truecaller. This feature can be used as a prank or as a means to get out from previously scheduled events.

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