Older iPhone and iPad models receive iOS 12.5.6 from Apple to fix a critical vulnerability

Older iPhone and iPad models receive iOS 12.5.6 from Apple to fix a critical vulnerability

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  • Simple is the response. For devices dating back to the iPhone 5s from 2013, Apple reportedly released iOS 12.5.6 yesterday, according to Cult of Mac. Apple recently released iOS 15.6.1 to patch the same risky vulnerability for those of you with iPhones still receiving support from the company.  We informed you last month that these attackers may pose as device owners and run any software that is registered in their names if they were to be used by those with bad intent.

  • If you have an iPhone that is older than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple will no longer support it. But it doesn’t always imply Apple wants your phone to come under attack from criminals trying to take advantage of a flaw to take over your device. What, though, can Apple do for older devices that don’t support iOS 15 yet require security patches?

Older iPhone models that Apple no longer supports, like the iPhone 5s in the image, may get iOS 12.5.6 – Older iPhone and iPad models receive iOS 12.5.6 from Apple in order to patch a critical vulnerability. The iPhone 5s in the image and other older iPhone models that Apple no longer supports may get iOS 12.5.6. The problem was found in WebKit, the Safari browser engine that Apple uses. With the help of this flaw, a hacker might design a webpage that would enable code execution even without the user’s knowledge. Unfortunately, It appears that hackers have already taken advantage of the security flaw. The tech juggernaut stated, “Apple is aware of a report that this flaw may have been deliberately exploited.

Apple has already upgraded iOS 12 in a comparable circumstance. When Apple released iOS 12.5.5 in September of last year, it fixed a vulnerability that an attacker might use to create malicious PDF files. At the time, it was believed that this hole had been utilised by attackers, similar to the present vulnerability. Get the latest mobile technology news, reviews, and offers sent to your inbox.

The iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod touch are among the devices receiving iOS 12.5.6. (6th generation). Go to Settings > General > Software Update to update. If the update does actually appear on your older iPhone model, don’t disregard it. After all, it is a critical security flaw that fraudsters have exploited.

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